Suffering from Chronic Pain


Find natural pain relief with the Shakti mat

Find it hard to sleep


Learn how the Shakti Mat can help you relax and sleep like a baby


Get some stress relief


Learn how the Shakti helps you to relax and sleep better


The Shakti Acupressure Mat helps people suffering

from chronic pain, sleep problems or in need of stress relief

pain relief
Stress Relief
Sleep like a baby

Natural Pain Relief

Shakti helps stimulate the release of large quantities of endorphins you body natural pain relief system

Stress Relief

Shakti Mat provides stress relief with the release of endorphins and oxytocin that make you feel good, relaxed and they help reduce stress.

Sleep Like A Baby

With Shakti mat you will relax and sleep like a baby. Wake up energised and ready to take on the world.

For years I had tension around my neck due to the amount of screen work and found it hard to sleep. But since using the Shakti mat the pain is gone and I can sleep so much better.

Gerald J

IT Manager

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