Shakti Acupressure Mat for US and Canada

Shakti Acupressure Mat - The Original Bed of Nails based in Australia services the Australia and New Zealand market. Being on the other side of the world the cost of freight to and from Australia is very expensive – specially air mail. It is for this reason our prices are not competitive with those sites found in the US and Canada. However, we are often asked to recommend a US/Canada site where you can get the Shakti – even though we be happy to sell you a Shakti Acupressure Mat we believe in good karma 🙂

So we chase down a few suppliers and found one of the best deal in town with Amazon. They stock both the same products that we have i.e. The Original Shakti Acupressure Mat in both Orange and Green.

We been using this mat for a number of years and we been very happy with the results we got from the mat. In fact we still have our original mat we bought back in 2009/2010. Our mat not only it has been extensively used by ourselves but our our kids as well and you know how rough kids can be with things. There are other version of the acupressure mat and we cannot vouch for them ie quality and endurance.

So if you are interested in purchasing one of these Acupressure Mats from Amazon we have provided you with the links for the products we have reviewed on this site.

If you have any questions about the product we will be very happy to answer them – good luck.