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With 6000 acupressure points this Shakti Mat is a very effective tool for easing tension and inducing a state of deep relaxation, while also revitalising and rejuvenating!

Shakti helps stimulate the release of large quantities of endorphins, the body’s own hormones responsible for inducing an overall sense of calmness and well-being. Referred to as the body’s own “natural pain relievers” these “feel-good” hormones help make us feel happy, relaxed and energised. Regular use of the Shakti Mat can help increase your sense of well-being and renewal, both physically and mentally.

The Shakti Acupressure Mat is a medical technical aid designed for personal health care.

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Orange is the favourite colour of the Indian holy men in their pursuit of enlightenment. Recommended for all that wish to use their Shakti Mat for more spiritually advanced practices.

The colour green can impart feelings of calmness, harmony and inner balance. We recommend it to all that intend to use their Shakti Mat primarily for relaxation and recovery.

Product Details
Team Shakti
Size: 68 cm x 42 cm
Material (cloth): 100% Organic Indian cotton
Material (spikes): ABS non-toxic recyclable plastic
Material (mattress): Polyethene

Cleaning Instructions
If needed, the Shakti Mat can be hand-washed in lukewarm water and hung up to dry. Please do not use washing machines or dryers, as the plastic spikes can be damaged.

Additional information

Dimensions 68 x 42 x 5 cm


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