Shakti Name and Symbol

Symbol Yantra

Shakti is the name of the powerful Hindu Goddess of infinite compassion and love; she is word shipped by millions of people across India. The Goddess Shakti goes by many names and some people give her greater importance than God Shiva even.

According to Wikipedia Shakti means “to be able” which translates to sacred force or empowerment. Shakti represents the dynamic forces that move through the entire universe. So Shakti is responsible for creation and it is an agent of all change. Shakti is related to liberation and interdependence.

The Yantra

Anyone who has done any yoga is familiar with mandalas – in Sanskrit Sacred Circle. Mandalas act as a bridge between higher and lower planes of existence – one reason why people meditate on mandalas. A Yantra is a specific branch of mandala imagery that visually represents mantras or sacred sounds (e.g. a familiar mantra is Om). Gazing/thinking on or connecting with the yantras is like inviting the core/essence of those planes to affect our consciousness. It is one path to developing universal consciousness.

The back of each Shakti Mat is adorned with the Shree (Sri) Yantra. The purpose of a yantra is to focus spiritual and mental energies according to a computer-like yantric pattern, for whatever you desire. And according to Sacred Geometry Mandala Art, the Sri (Shree) Yantra is the most revered of all holy mantras – it is the completion of yin and yang; completeness and creation.  The Sri Yantra is known to usher in great amount of peace, prosperity, harmony and good luck. Visit the site for some beautiful images.

So as you can see the designer of the mat has definite and dedicated intention for all mat users and humanity. The intention is that those who use the mat are infused with universal consciousness and love. Now you may not practice yoga or meditation or believe in the power of symbols. It does not matter – you do not need to believe those things to benefit from the Shakti mat. I simply wanted to share with you the intention/spirit of the mat “to promote health, healing, peace, love and universal consciousness.”

Branches of study are now verifying what mystics and healers have always know, EVERYTHING vibrates. So the mat and the yantras give off a specific vibration to the frequency that has been set; and the mat’s frequency is definitely a higher order. When I read about the Yantra and the intention of the mat I had to wonder how much just that intention had affected my experience – and those people from the Trade Fair – it is a very profound experience.

Mat for Meditation

When you are not using the mat consider hanging to assist with meditation/contemplation. Alternatively, just enter ‘Hindu Sri Yantra, printable image’ into your favourite search engine and you will find lots of images to print. We are quite eclectic in our connection with divine energy – so we do not subscribe to one path. we engage with what feels right and I can tell you the mat certainly does. I asked the guy I bought my mat from about the symbol and he said to me “the yogi who made this has such a powerful intention for humanity’ and then another customer came along and t hat was that. I pondered that for a while and now that I understand more about the origins of the mat and the symbol he chose, I know I can feel that when I use the mat.

As a person who practices a healing art – I add my intention to his. It is my intention that you are filled with healing energy and peace all the time and that it is compounded every time you use the Shakti Mat.

To your best health and personal peace.

Symbol Yantra “May you find lasting happiness through using this wonderful tool designed to help you experience a more complete existence.” Symbol Yantra