Our experience

Relaxing Bed of Nails

OK so here is what happens for me when I use the mat. At first I don’t feel too much and then a tingling starts. Then the tingling morphs into a throbbing sensation with heat and I can feel the blood pulsating close to the surface of my skin. It is amazing. After that – the sensation morphs again into relaxation and a nice floaty feeling kicks in. Then I just stay with that for as long as time permits. I feel a bit silly saying it but it really is amazing and soooo relaxing.

Using the mat

Set a time aside when you won’t be disturbed. Get undressed – too many physical barriers between your skin and the spikes reduces the feeling and so the benefits. The mat comes with a thin layer of removable film to help soften the impact when you are starting out.  Our 10 yr old lays on the mat using a thin cotton sarong as a ‘barrier’. At home you use what ever you have to help regulate the effect so that you get the benefit i.e. you can feel the effects as comfortably as possible  for example some Chux cloth. Over time you will need less and less – something you can judge and adjust very easily. As you can see the model (below) is laying directly on the mat without any barrier. The choice is yours. As a general rule, the more stressed a person is, the more sensitive the body. So if you are very stressed, start gently, the mat is designed to enhance well being not as a test. As you become more experienced with the mat you will be able to lay directly on the mat with bare skin. That said, there may be some days you are more sensitive than others – so be kind to yourself and if you need a barrier use one.

Getting onto the mat

You need to get onto the mat carefully because you can scratch yourself if you drag body weight across it. When I prepare to lay on my back on the mat, I first sit parallel to the mat and then lift myself sideways over the mat. I place my shoulders down first and then roll my spine down the mat. If you do need to adjust yourself  once you are on the mat, do it carefully.  Always lift your body rather than drag it across the mat. Remember the principle – when the whole body is on the mat the pressure is dispersed and the sensation generalised. If one part of the anatomy is on it – like feet – your body weight is concentrated onto that location and the sensation can be intense – depending on the layers you are using.Shakti-side

Anyway, so I get on and adjust myself.  If I know I have 4o mins then I divide the body up and go as follows:

  • 10 mins back,
  • 10 mins tummy,
  • 10 mins one side of the face and shoulders and
  • final 10 mins on the other.

The benefits I have experienced include improved relaxation, circulation and sleep. I have a small tear in the tendon in my shoulder joint and, as you may or may not know, that area does not get a lot of blood supply which slows the healing process. I frequently position myself so that my shoulder is stimulated as much as possible and the pain is always better afterwards. I have laid on it and sat on it and stood on it and had it behind me on the lounge. I’ve also been know to fall sleeping on it – it is that good.