I have to say that for most of my life I’ve been blessed with the ability to sleep really well.  In fact my partner often said to me that she only had to count to 10 when my head hit the pillow and I was gone.  But over the past couple of years that has changed, working in front of a screen for hours on end, always thinking about family, work and financial pressures have affected my sleep.

It started with simple nothing out of the ordinary sleeping difficulties such as tossing & turning but it then progressed shallow sleep where you are sleep but not quite there, having very active dreams, sleeping for short periods of time and finally having problems actually falling asleep. This was quite a turn around for me as I always prided myself as a really good sleeper.  As I said in previous post that my partner is a natural health practitioner and a very good one, she reminded me about the Shakti mat and got me to try it at night before going to sleep.

I was a bit hesitant at first as I did not like the idea to go to sleep not being awaken by the spikes of the mat but most of all I trusted my partner as she always steered my in the right direction. So I did and what a relief !! Don’t get me wrong the first few nights I still had some issues going to sleep but each night the quality of my sleep increased exponentially.  The best part was next day I felt relaxed, more flexible and just better all around. Even though I know that the Shakti mat is really good for sleeping problems and is one of the best natural sleep remedies you forget about things when you are stressed. THANK YOU my dearest.

So why do I think the Shakti mat works so well? When you use the Shakti mat your levels of oxytocin rise, the levels of stress hormones in the body fall because Oxytocin which is the ‘peace and calm’ hormone. Oxytocin promotes the repair of damaged or worn tissues and new cells grow where they are needed. Oxytocin raises the pain threshold, lowers blood pressure and decreases anxieties  which is one of the key reason that after a good night sleep and laying on the Shakti mat you feel rejuvenated and on top of the world the next day.

In times of heavy work load and stress I started to use the Shakti mat about 4 -5 times a week (predominantly during the week) about 10-15min before going to sleep.  I normally use it either on my shoulder, my back or the back of my head depending on wherever I feel the tension the most.  WARNING there have been times that I have become so relaxed that I have even fallen asleep on the Shakti mat and it can be a bit painful when you roll over (ouch).  So I developed a strategy in the occasion that I feel something beneath me, I lift and remove whatever is beneath me.

To me the Shakti mat is a natural sleep remedy that has a lot more benefits than just sleeping.  I’m a biased?  HELL YES – only because I do know how good it is and use it all the time.  In fact the photo on this page shows you how worn out my Shakti mat is after at least 6 years of use. Its benefits are improving the quality of not only my life but also my sleep which is why I am promoting this product, I believe this can shift your life!! What’s the risk? Better health? Why not roll the dice with this new product?

If you want to learn more about the benefits of the shakti mat or how it helps with pain relief click on the highlighted text.