If you are interested in meditation, conscious relaxation, chanting then read on.

Daily meditation is recommended in order to attain a deeper state of being and completeness.

I hate relaxation music that sounds like you are in an elevator or lobby if some kind – I am very choosy. But I do love music and chanting so I have painstakingly chosen some suggested mp3 downloads from Amazon. It’s great you can review before buying. Some of my personal favourites:

I have used and LOVED the Eternal Om for years and the version by Shri Yogi Hari is great. I used to take it when I worked in an office. When things got crazy or I was writing a report I would listen to it with head phones – fantastic! For a different take on the classic chant listen to Sacred Morning Chants by Sanjeev Abhyankar & Pandit Majumdar. I like it.

Another chant I love is Om Nama ShivayaMeditation the chant for detachment. I had so much trouble finding what I consider to be a good version to download. This rendition is by Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamii and I like it because the words are clear and I want to chant to it rather than dance – that said you can chant any time any where really. Just ask the kids 🙂 Alternatively compare this version of Om Namah Shivaya by Marco Milone, yes, I got the name right. The chant is sung by a chorus chanting and is supported by some instruments. If you buy this – make sure to purchase more than one product because our experience is that our credit card did not like a transaction for less than $1.00.

One of my personal favourites is Om Shanti Om by Sarva Antah. I listen to this at work too – or chant while driving and it is beautiful – transportative. You could listen to this any time really and I have used it to help kids calm. I also like Yogi Hari’s version of Om Shanto Om. It is a simple and clean call and answer style.

I have to mention Pranayama the art of conscious/yogic breathing. In yoga prana is life force, like chi for Chinese healing. Yoga practitioners have always known of the intimate and profound relationship between prana and the mind. And yogis use breath consciously to relax, open ‘stuck bits’ and heal the mind and body. I will suggest two downloads on conscious breathing. Do not be put off if you do not do yoga. Deep conscious breathing is essential to good health and stress relief. Even if you don’t subscribe to yoga/philosophy, use the techniques and reap the benefits. I like Pranayama The Art of Conscious Breathing by Mark Uridel.  And I like Spinal Breathing Pranayama, Journey to Inner Peace. It might be a bit heavy on the yoga philosophy for some but it is also good on instruction – and we all need to breathe better – especially if we are chronically stressed, unwell, anxious etc. This recording also includes instruction on alternate nostril breathing which I first saw a yogi teach a very unruly class of school kids in the outer western suburbs of Sydney. Whenever the class got rowdy they would all stop and breathe. I have used it ever since and I use it with my own kids. It works like magic to calm and soothe the nervous system and senses.

And now a download that includes an introduction to yoga/yoga postures, yogic breathing and meditation is Embrace the Heart of Yoga by Susi Amendola. It sounds quite accessible and useful to start out with to see if it might be for you. If you prefer to work with moving pictures check out Pranayama Level 1 starring Vasanthi Bhat. According to the review half the DVD is about breathing and half vipassana, or insight, meditation. The other DVD of note is Yasodhara Canadian Intensive with Dr. S. Geeta Iyengar – Pranayama. According to the review it is great. I am going to buy this because I practice and love Iyengar Yoga. If you have never done any yoga and you are thinking about starting I urge you to try a class with a qualified Iyengar practitioner. Iyengar is a very mindful practice, a slow moving meditation. It is designed to be accessible to everyone and so a lot of ‘props’ are used to allow/assist you to achieve poses you might not be able to otherwise. It is respectful and challenging at the same time.